Marknadsför din iPhone-app med en smart appbanner

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Våra partners på Postano Mobile, the folks who built our iPhone App, are incredible people to work with and have built an incredible application. If you haven’t checked it out, please do! We’ve got our videos up in the application now – you can click and play them directly from the application… so cool!

Ikväll mailade de mig och bad mig hålla fast Smart appbanner code in the header of our mobile site. Smart App Banners are a new feature in Safari in iOS 6 and later that provides a standardized method of promoting apps on the App Store from a website. No mountains of code, no funky javascript, nothing special at all… just a simple meta tag to add to your site’s header:

If you don’t know what your application id is, you can look it up with the iTunes Link Maker. It’s the number after id and before the question mark. Ours is 498000390.

När du har lagt till metataggen är resultatet fantastiskt. Safari lägger till en anpassad uppmaning till din iPhone-app som gör att din besökare kan installera din applikation direkt från Smart App Banner!

smartbanner ios6

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